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Photos from ryo’s Twitter account (@ryo_dalli) from today’s HOLLOWGRAM “PHOTON SPREAD” performance in Nagoya ell FITS ALL with ZIZ, amber gris & defspiral.

Photo 1: ryo with Temari from amber gris.

Photo 2: ryo at backstage.

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Photo from the instore event (acoustic live & signing) today in Like an Edison in Osaka.
By the way, the concert in Osaka RUIDO is sold out!


[LIVE] Photos from ryo’s Twitter account today in Osaka RUIDO with ZIZ, amber gris & defspiral. (@ryo_dalli)

Photo 1: ryo with 
Photo 2: ryo with TAKA

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First thing first they are the realest.

"So you handpicked the other guys yourself. What were your criteria ?
Kyo : Black long hair (bursts into laughter)”
source (via a-randomly-awesome-person)